Refund Policy

1. What Are The Modes Of Refund?

There are two modes of refund:

  • 1. Back to Source – In this case, the money will be refunded to the payment mode that was used to place the order.
  • 2. Bank Account – In this case, the money will be refunded to the Bank Account for which we will collect details like Account holder’s name, Account number, Bank Name, Branch Name and IFSC code.

All of the above processes will be initiated once the items are picked by our courier partner and this will take 7-10 business days. P.S: All of the above gets acted upon receipt of items back in our warehouse in mandated condition.

2. How Long Will It Take To Process My Cancellation Request?

  •  If you opt for having the money transferred back to the source of the transaction or a particular bank account, it may take up to 7-10 business days to process the refund.

3. How Does GST Vary For Orders?

Tax may vary depending on factors like the city where the order would be shipped to and price of products.

4. If I Return The Order Will The GST Amount Charged Be Refunded?

 If any order is returned, the GST amount will be refunded. However, Shipping charges will be non-refundable (COD orders).

5. If I Cancel The Order Will The GST Amount Charged Be Refunded?

If any order is cancelled before it is shipped, the GST amount and shipping charges will be refunded.

6. How Is The Value Of Refunded Amount Calculated?

  • 1. The value of the refunded amount will be equal to the final amount paid by you (after discounts) at the time of purchase.
  • 2. In cases where customers have arranged the return at their cost, we will add Rs 100 to the refund amount. courier return charges of up to Rs 100 will be added to the refundable amount. You The customer will be required to send us the courier receipt. The management reserves the right to deny this amount.
  • 3. If you received any of the gift items with your order, please return them as well for full refund. Should you choose to keep the gift items, a nominal charge per gift item will be deducted from the refund amount. This deductible amount will be mentioned on your invoice.

7. How Much Time It Takes For Issuing Of Credit Or Refund?

In case of a refund or credit being issued for other reasons, we will take a minimum 7-10 days from the date of the receipt of request from the customer.

8. Will I Get a Complete Refund Against My Order?

If you return/cancel an order, the paid price of the product (including the tax collected) will be refunded back to you. However shipping charges are non-refundable and hence shall not be refunded.

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